Communication Solutions

Unified Communications

UC helps company to integrate variety of communication means, both online communication (messaging, voice, video, etc.) and offline communication (email, fax, etc.) into one single interface, in such away that the user has access to all the tools on any device. So it will facilitate much flexibility, working remotely based on high quality video conferencing, as well as reducing costs for installation and maintenance. Our experienced staff can install and support relevant services in enterprise level companies.

Communication Network Elements

Today, Undoubtedly Communications and networking products play very important role in all businesses. A variety of Equipment such as radio links, switches, routers, bridges, hubs, gateways, … used to establish a business network & connect computers and other electronic devices to each other, so that they can exchange information. With the help of our skilled experts, we are able to design & implement multi-layer communication networks according to your organizational missions as well as providing network elements from well known vendors.